Garrett Turbine Housing 1.32a/r EWG GTW38 Twin Entry T04 / V-Band

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Garrett Turbine Housing to suit the GTW38 Series

Inlet Flange: T04 Dual Entry
Material: Cast Iron
Wastegate: External
Outlet Flange: 3.0″ V-Band
Suitable for: Garrett GTW3884, GTW3884R, T04Z, T04 Various (P-Trim Turbine Wheel)
Product Notes:

In standard form, these turbine housings do not come with a V-Band Flange connection for the turbine outlet (Image 1). To make fitment universal throughout the T04Z/GTW36/GTW38 range, we press fit, and weld a sleeve into the back of the turbine housing, to allow for a standard Garrett 3″ V-Band assembly for the dump pipe (Image 3). The Turbine Housing price includes the sleeve, the pressing and welding of the sleeve, and the housing itself. The opposing dump pipe flange and clamp are sold separately.

Kit Contains:

Turbine Inlet Gasket

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 25 × 35 × 35 cm