GReddy Profec MAP Greddy 15500215

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Profec MAP Greddy 15500215

For use with GReddy Profec (p/n 15500214, sold seperately)
Expand boost control with additional perameters (free Software)
Boost Map Correction – Fine boost tuning settings via 10×10 boost maps (Load vs Duty %)

The GReddy Profec MAP connects to the current GReddy Profec and, through boost maps, provides even finer control over your vehicle’s boost pressure. Boost correction is not the only added function in the addition of the Profec MAP! The following featureshavebeen added:

・All parameter settings can be set by PC via USB cable (sold separately)

・Display Gear Position, Speed, RPM, Engine Temp and Throttle Position

・Backlight dimming and scramble boost switching functions

This unit brings out the full performance of the GReddy Profec through its high-level fuctions that result in a more advanced boost

PC Connection

By using the USB cable (sold separately) and connecting to a PC all parameter settings and data logging features can be accessed.

■Boost Map Correction

Fine boost tuning settings are possible by the usage of the 10×10 boost maps.

■Boost Correction based on RPM, Throttle, Speed, Gear Position and Water Temp.

Boost Correction can be based off of any of the above 5 items.

▼Example 1:Boost can be lowered automatically if the engine is not in the defined ideal operating temperature range.

▼Example 2::Using the Gear Position, Boost can be set differently for each gear and RPM. This feature can be applied to ensure consistant boost in any gear and to surpress undesired wheel spin when in low gears.

■AUX input for switching system

Take advantage of the auxilary input to activate the scramble Boost function (Switching Harness sold separately) and to change boost on the fly!

Boost Correction by RPM, Throttle Position, Speed, Gear Position, or Water Temp

Addtional Profec monitoring and data loging via PC software

AUX input for Over Take Boost Function future using optional Remote Swithcing System

Plugs-in easily inbetween Profec Display/Control unit and Profec main unit
Additional connections depending on application.

PC Compatiable (Profec MAP software) with use of mini-USB to USB cable (sold seperately)
OS: (Japanese, English) Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit, 64bit)
CPU: 1GHz or more 32bit or 64bit processor
Memory: 1GB or more
HDD free space: 20MB or more

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 cm