GReddy Comfort Sports Muffler Subaru GRB 70φ-70φX102φX4, CS GT Slash


Comfort Sports Muffler

Subaru WRX GRB 70φ-70φX102φX4, CS GT Slash


■ Produce a form that complements the car’s design a stylish and sports theme.
■ conduct a dedicated design for each type of vehicle, up the performance.
■ All stainless steel, and both luxury and durability by buffing.
■ To ensure a pleasant sound and lowdown when loading clearance of that does not impair the comfort employs a large silencer.
■ Adopt titanium material unique heat gradient in the tail-end unit.
■ JASMA certified muffler of peace of mind.

* Note Picture is use for illustrations only. It is not of the actual product.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 40 × 60 × 120 cm