Greddy Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ Leather Steering Wheel 16610001


Greddy Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ Leather Steering Wheel 16610001

GReddy Steering Wheels were developed and tested though our GReddy Racing pro-drift program. As with drifting, tuning enthusiast admire style as well as function. GReddy Steering Wheels provide the driver comfort, enhanced steering feel and improved interior styling.

Optimized for ergonomic comfort and weighted for driving feel GReddy 304 stainless steel shift knobs, are designed precise gear changes. The material, size and shape allows this compact shift knob to weigh a lofty 363g (.80lbs.) This benefits the driving feel by counter-weighting the shift lever.

Product Features

*The grip that naturally matches the hand is designed not only for the beauty of appearance but also for fatigue and ease of operation.

*”Eurostitch”, an advanced sewing technique, is carefully finished by skilled craftsmen one by one.

*In consideration of safety, the same lightweight and strong aluminum alloy as the original steering is used.

*The strength test is conducted by a third party(*1) and is subjected to severe inspection. The loading test and torque test prove that it has the same strength as a original steering.
-*1 : SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance)

*Airbag and paddle shifts that come with original steering can be attached to GReddy steering.
-Airbag, switches, paddle shifts, and covers are not included with GReddy steering.

*Embossed GReddy logo and GReddy center mark are directing the sportiness.

Steering wheel size 355mm across 348mm high

Also suitable for vehicles below

Matching Model Model Year Memo
86 ZN6 from 08/2016 After m/c
86 ZN6 from 12/2017 GR
AQUA NHP10 from 11/2017  GR SPORT, 10Series, 17inch package
VOXY ZRR80W from 09/2017  “GR SPORT”, 80Series
Vitz NCP131 from 06/2018 GRMN、130Series
Vitz NCP131 from 09/2017  GR SPORT “GR”, 130Series
NOAH ZRR80W from 09/2017 “GR SPORT”, 80Series
HARRIER ZSU60W/ZSU65W from 09/2017 “GR SPORT”, 60Series
PRIUS PHV ZVW52-VLJBXN from 09/2017 “GR SPORT”, 50Series
PRIUS α ZVW41W from 12/2017 “GR SPORT”, 50Series
Mark X GRX130/GRX133 from 09/2017 “GR SPORT”, 130Series
BRZ ZC6 from 08/2016 After m/c
Barcode: 4991995809241

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 40 × 40 cm