Jass Performance FRESH AIR SCOOP

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Why a fresh air scoop on a convertible – some background information:

As we know, the area above the car is a (very, very) low pressure area. The theory in the praxis – the low pressure in an open top convertible causes phenomenas like

lifts objects from the passenger seat (papers, hut, jackets …) and sends them away
mouth dries after a while
scents from the outside not present or less intense inside the car (hood down)
very strong draft from the rear if wind blocker not used
All this effectively limits the open air experience.

Here comes the Fresh Air Scoop as a solution:

it raises the air pressure in the cabin, which double effect of
reducing the low pressure and with it the strong draft from behind
introduces some more intense contact with the outer world in the form of smells
it will direct good amount of fresh air to the footwell, where the OEM fresh air fan is challenged to deal with the low pressure with open top and higher speeds

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