GReddy Aluminium Radiator SUZUKI SWIFT ZC31S




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  • Description

    Product Description

    Aluminium Radiator SUZUKI SWIFT ZC31S

    When circuit racing and drift, in the normal radiator and becomes a capacity shortage, there is a risk of causing trouble to the engine.
    Gureddi radiator TWR adopted a wide-tube core is made of all aluminum. And a larger capacity than normal radiator, and then up the cooling efficiency.

    A two-layer wide tube core made ​​of all-aluminum
    the adopted sport radiator.
    By adopting the two-layer wide tube, and securing the capacity of the three-layer structure par.
    Securing the cooling water volume of more than twice genuine ratio, a reduction in pressure loss achieved.
    Further, by adopting the steel all aluminum, reducing the increase in weight.
    I corresponds to the circuit from the street.

    High pressure radiator cap included
    (some models)
    Opening pressure 127kPa of (1.3kg / cm2)
    Hype Ressha type radiator cap (all models TYPE-S)
    The standard equipment.

    Aluminum, the buffing is adopted
    It is up the strength and corrosion resistance by adopting the aluminum.
    Is subjected to a buffing the tank, and fearless directing the engine room.

  • Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Weight 5 kg
    Dimensions 35 x 35 x 35 cm