New Internal Wastegate Actuator and Kompact Shortie Blow-Off Valves

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New Internal Wastegate Actuator and Kompact Shortie Blow-Off Valves

Turbosmart releases new Internal Wastegate Actuator and Kompact Shortie Blow-Off Valves for Ford Mustang EcoBoost

With the long-awaited new Ford Mustang finally landing in Australia, Turbosmart have introduced a suite of products for the turbocharged Mustang EcoBoost. The IWG-75 Internal Wastegate Actuator and Kompact Shortie Blow-Off Valves help take the EcoBoost Mustang’s already impressive performance to the next level.

Kompact Shortie Blow-Off Valves
Stock blow-off valves like those that come standard with the Mustang often suffer from a range of problems. They are plastic, they leak, and if you want to up the power (who doesn’t?) they have trouble holding the extra boost. What’s more, they often fail to prevent compressor surge, even in otherwise standard cars.

Kompact Shortie Plumb Back

You’ll have no such troubles with Turbosmart’s Kompact Shortie blow-off valve. ​Like all Turbosmart blow-off valves, the new Mustang Kompact Shorties have been designed, machined and hand assembled in-house. Keeping the process in-house, ensures only the best quality, and the aircraft grade aluminum alloy construction means cracking and leaking even under increased boost levels will never be an issue.

Kompact Shortie Dual Port, showing fitment to the Mustang’s charge pipe
Manufactured and assembled in Australia, the Mustang Shortie is produced with a light-weight, brass/aluminium, two-piece piston, which is then perfectly matched with precision engineered springs, giving razor sharp valve response, and a serious increase in performance over stock valves.
Available in both Dual Port and Plumb Back variants, the Shortie range offers something for everyone. The Dual Port design provides one one plumb back port to keep the car’s computer happy, and a second vent to atmosphere port for that trademark Turbosmart BOV sound we all know and love; whereas the Plumb Back offers all the performance benefits of a Turbosmart BOV, but with quiet, ‘under the radar’ operation – it works just like the standard valve, but better!

IWG-75 Internal Wastegate Actuator

Turbosmart’s IWG-75 Internal Wastegate Actuators offer a significant performance boost to the EcoBoost Mustang, in an easy-to-install bolt-on part. The Mustang’s standard wastegate actuator is made out of stamped steel, and due to excessive spring pre-load, has less valve travel, meaning less accurate boost control. The use of a soft spring in the standard actuator means it can crack open unnecessarily at low RPMs – creating an inconsistent boost curve.

Turbosmart’s IWG-75 better controls the flow of exhaust gas to the turbine of the turbocharger compared to the stock actuator, resulting in a flatter boost curve which comes on sooner, with more stable boost and less drop off at the end of the rev range. The result is a more drivable car with smoother power delivery and less turbo lag.

IWG-75 Internal Wastegate Actuator, as installed to the Mustang’s turbo

Turbosmart’s Internal Wastegate Actuator can cope with the high stresses and temperatures of high boost applications for prolonged periods of time, and is highly customisable with interchangeable springs for a range of boost levels. Constructed with the level of precision customers have come to expect from Turbosmart, the IWG-75 Internal Wastegate Actuator allows the EcoBoost engine to realise its full potential.

Real world results
StangTV, a US-based Mustang enthusiast magazine, dyno tested the impact Turbosmart’s Kompact Shortie Blow-Off Valves and IWG-75 Internal Wastegate Actuator on their EcoBoost Mustang – and they were left pleasantly surprised!

The Kompact Shortie Blow-Off Valve allowed the Mustang to reach peak boost faster, resulting in an average increase of nearly 10kW and 34Nm throughout the rev range.

The IWG-75 showed also returned impressive numbers, with an 11kW and 26Nm average increase across the rev range – but tellingly, the real change happens where you spend most of your time driving – in the mid range. At 3500rpm, the Turbosmart IWG saw a massive increase of 23.7kW and 63.8Nm – a seriously noticeable improvement for everyday driving.

Turbosmart really does take the Mustang EcoBoost to the next level!

Part Numbers and Pricing
TS-0203-1281 – Kompact Shortie Plumb Back BOV – Ford Mustang EcoBoost

TS-0203-1081 – Kompact Shortie Dual Port BOV – Ford Mustang EcoBoost

TS-0622-8072 – IWG75 Ford Mustang EcoBoost 7PSI

TS-0622-8102 – IWG75 Ford Mustang EcoBoost 10PSI