Sound deadener RoadKill Stinger bulk pack




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  • Description

    Product Description

    Sound deadener RoadKill Stinger bulk pack

    Kill road noise and make your system louder. Roadkill, made from materials originally developed for the aerospace industry, which we refined and optimized for the mobile environment. Specifically designed to eliminate door and interior panel vibration, our complete line of Stinger Roadkill is effective in even the loudest vehicles. Superior to the other “mat” on the market today, RoadKill Expert on average is 25% denser, and is 16% ticker. All this translates to higher performance, cleaner-more efficient sound and better value. Door, Speaker, Bulk, Hood + more!

    • 9 Sheets 18″ x 32″
    • 36sq Feet coverage
    • Improves bass response and increase amplifier output
    • More efficient A/C and heating performance for a more comfortable ride
    • Reduce low frequency road noises that contribute to drive fatigue
    • Easy to Install