Diesel Injector Cleaner Nulon 300ml




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  • Description

    Product Description

    Diesel Injector Cleaner Nulon 300ml

    Fuel Treatments

    Nulon’s fuel treatments have an excellent reputation across a wide network of users from thousands of motorsport enthusiasts, looking to improve performance, to trade professionals, who understand quality, and are looking to improve fuel economy. Customers will notice an immediate restoration of vehicle power, performance and economy.

    Nulon Diesel Injector Cleaner (DIC) has been completely reformulated to satisfy the demands associated with the new ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel and the demands of new hi-tech engines.  DIC is a complete cleaning and lubricating treatment for all diesel fuel systems.

    Nulon Diesel Injector Cleaner is a powerful multi-functional chemical package formulated to clean all diesel engines including common rail injectors and combustion chamber deposits fast. It improves fuel system efficiency and economy, reduces black exhaust smoke and makes cold starting easier. Suitable for all diesel fuel including bio-diesel.


    • Cleans dirty injectors in one tank
    • Cleans Internal Direct Injector Deposits in Common Rail Diesel Engines
    • Suitable for diesel engines including common rail
    • Helps clean entire fuel system
    • Improves fuel economy
    • Reduces black exhaust smoke
    • Reduces exhaust emissions
    • Protects fuel system against corrosion
    • Helps prevent algae formation

    Item code: DIC