Bride Seat Rail YO Type Honda EG Civic Pair HO34YO HO33YO




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    Product Description

    Bride Seat Rail YO Type Honda EG Civic Pair HO34YO HO33YO
    Precise measurements from actual each cars.
    Super seat rails providing high strength and precision.For BRIDE’s super seat rails, after precisely measuring the frames of full-scale cars whose shapes differ from car to car by hand and creating a master rail, we create the tools for mass production and adopt mass production techniques.It is possible to design rails using a computer as well, but rather than using a computer which requires providing ranges to measurements, we accurately design each part in fine detail such as the size of each bolt hole by taking the measurements by hand, thereby eliminating excess gaps in bolt holes, etc., and increasing the fit of the frame to the seat rail, and the seat to the seat rail, the maximum extent possible. We prepare 9 models for reclining seat and 10 models for full bucket seat according to the model and various applications, and realize the optimum seat position for more than 800 car models.

    Utilizes sliders made by Faurecia exclusively for BRIDE
    For the sliders, which are an essential part for the BRIDE super seat rail, we use parts supplied exclusively for BRIDE by Faurecia (France), one of the world’s leading mechanical parts manufacturers.
    The sliders, featuring upper rails 2.0mm thick and lower rails 2.3mm thick, lock on both the left and right sides, don’t rattle, and have superior strength and durability. It is 10 mm pitch and the

    ASEA-approved high quality and peace of mind
    The super seat rail is an ASEA-approved product which has cleared the standards of ASEA, the industry organization whose members comprise motorsports companies and related tuning parts manufacture and sales companies which represent Japan.

    ***Image is a representation. Actual product may vary slightly between vehicles***