Miracle Fire balls, pipe vendors and welding process is difficult, mass production is adopted SUS304 of 1.0mm thickness, which has been difficult, success in the realization of a thorough weight reduction.

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  • Description

    Product Description


    TEAM 5ZIGEN ultimate racing spec muffler system now available for street use.

    Well formed full stainless steel body. The Miracle Fireball minimizes pipe bendature and made from 1.00mm SUS304 stainless steel piping. Stainless piping hook and inner carbon ring gasket. 5ZIGEN’s attention to detail to each specification and confidence in technology brings to the end-users the racing spec. for the street. Durability, power, sound, and performance is the next step in tuning as the Miracle Fireball hits the street.

    Approximately 50% less weight as compared to the OE systems.

    A) Use of substantial heat resistance full stainless steel. 1.00mm pipe thickness is racing circuit quality. Attractive appearance and specification to gain confidence on the race scene.
    B) To accomodate the needed performance attention to the slightest is absolutely necessary. For instance, by using a stainless pipe mount on the body allows for greater assurance. Also, eaach pipe is combined with precision to ensure stable exhaust flow.
    C) High level sound and performance is tuned in the main silencer. This original and exclusive piping layout allows for the maximum flow of exhaust.

    D) To allow for flexibility, the 2 type system is used during the production stages. This allows for the combination of two piping rather than the conventional heavy duty flange. A carbon ring gasket is then reinforced to cease leakage.
    E) Approximately 50% lightweight than the OEM exhaust system. At a stance to pay attention to detail even without the use of the flange. Use of 3.2mm stainless steel on the press compared with the conventional 10mm thickness type.d

    -1.0mm Stainless Steel used for the tailend.

    -Stainless steel material used for the hook.

    -Reduction of unnecessary bends for the straightest pipe layout.

    Miracle Fire balls, pipe vendors and welding process is difficult, mass production is adopted SUS304 of 1.0mm thickness, which has been difficult, success in the realization of a thorough weight reduction.
    It is a hollow stainless steel pipe hanging hook by, such as the adoption of carbon ring gasket of reliever part, racing specs beyond the common sense of the street that confidence has been possible to Good and technology to never forgiven not spec the compromise of 5ZIGEN.

    ■ Specifications:
    Main pipe: SUS304 Thickness 1.0mm · tail end: Stainless steel (SUS304) bullet type
    - Accessories: inner silencer
    -Security standard conform goods

    Company Profile

    5Zigen – pronounced go-jigen in Japanese (meaning “fifth dimension”) – was founded back in 1987 and quickly became one of the most popular brands in the JDM tuning world designing and producing performance exhaust systems for a variety of cars.

    Since then the company has grown significantly, expanding into markets like the US and continuing to come out with cool new exhaust designs as well as expanding into a variety of other products like lightweight wheels.

    Their main factory is equipped with all the industrial machinery that you would ever need to knock out hundreds of complete systems a day.

    Despite most of the heavy work being handled by machines every step of the productions process is overlooked by takumi or “artisans” that feed sections of pre-cut pipes into the mandrel tube benders…

    Aside from silencer type and design one of the most popular custom options at 5Zigen is tail pipes and above is an example of one of their most popular range for “dress up” applications. The burned titanium look is obtained thanks to a titanium coating applied to the stainless steel tip that can be made to have that blue, purple and gold variation of colors that more expensive and performance oriented titanium exhausts have.

    All exhausts are fabricated as each order comes in, but to facilitate and speed up the process a big stock of ready shaped and ready to go sections are kept in the warehouse.

    Aside from the main factory area the 5Zigen HQ is also home to the company’s motorsports section. Ever since being established over 25 years ago, racing has been a very big part of their operation.